Electro Arms -Realize Digital Dimension- – Impressions

Our wonderful protagonist this time around

Awesome protagonist, is my main impression from it.

A bit lacking in the picture area as I forgot to take more of them though.

For people who have read/watched Index you can probably think of the protagonist as someone similar to Accelerator but with less DARKNESS in his personality. For those who haven’t just think of him as someone similar to a delinquent, just he isn’t a simple thug on the street as hes been shown to be a monster that can defeat dozens of armed people with his bare hands.

That said, like most other eroge protagonists, regardless of the impression they give they’re mostly still good guys at the core of things and this guy isn’t an exception either.

The story revolves around the protagonist Reiji’s encounter with a mysterious world straight out of a scifi called “Electro Arms”. It’s accessed by going to a certain location at some time periods where a large structure will burst out of nowhere and for some reason no one recognizes its existence.

A large company Igel is explaining it as a revolutionary RPG system that’s quite similar to virtual reality although clearly has some technology that’s far beyond the current known level. It’s currently in open beta where participants are forced to sign an agreement to reveal no information regarding the game to others, of course this includes inviting friends which is why he never heard anything from his childhood friend who turned out to be participating in it as well.

p2523Essentially it’s a stereotypical dungeon crawling RPG with the system dumbed down a bit so to not over complicate things. In fact, I think it’s closer to those pvp based lobby games, whatever they’re meant to be called. There’s mainly two modes, dungeon crawling and arena fights. While levels probably do matter, skills seem to play a larger role in things as Reiji has no problem beating up a group of fodder players despite starting out as a level 1 himself. As expected from our protagonist. In a typical RPG where levels are absolute this wouldn’t be logically possible as damage would be negligible.

Obviously from the explanation so far you can guess that there are no deaths in the game and in fact there isn’t even pain. One notable feature of the game is that the currency you earn from completing quests or betting in arena battles can be exchanged for real world money. The explanation is that since they’re helpfully testing the game for them it’s a form of payment or reward for doing so.

Of course, there’s no way the story is going to end with such a lukewarm setting so there’s very likely going to be some changes along the way to turn the game into some sort of death game instead.

For time being its been a great story. One thing I have to say is that the protagonist of the story can really make all the difference for the entire story. If the protagonist is interesting, his chemistry with even relatively average characters can be quite interesting to watch and as a result the entire story becomes interesting. It’s all the better if all the characters are as interesting as the protagonist.

That said, I’ve always felt the weak point of the games by this team is that the heroines are generally boring. Vermilion had an awesome heroine (Aria) but that’s about it. This time around the heroines are a bit average but we have Leona whose chemistry with Reiji is quite nice.

I’ll just enjoy Reiji’s antics for now. If the heroines turn out to be better than expected then all’s good, if not then well we still have Reiji so it’s fine.

I don't know why these characters exist but eh, maybe they'll play a bigger role later. At least they're cute?

I don’t know why these characters exist but eh, maybe they’ll play a bigger role later. At least they’re cute?


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