Berry’s – Thoughts

A pretty pleasant start after taking a while off from eroge to play some RPGs instead.

As with most charage’s, I only finished one route before stopping. In this particular case I might choose to return at some other date though.

Berry’s is a pretty standard charage. Unlike Daitoshokan which stands out exceptionally among other charage’s, it’s a pretty normal charage which just takes place in a restaurant called Berry’s instead of your usual high school antics.

I can’t say I’m particularly fond of the restaurant part of things but at the same time I feel they handled it quite well by making use of the different shifts to rotate between the characters of an otherwise large cast so that actually turned out quite well.

Though I pondered for a moment whether or not the restaurant setting was actually just an excuse to make every single heroine wear cute uniforms. In fact in the settings there’s even an option to choose between the uniforms being worn. While it was a nice gimmick, I’m not sure why there didn’t seem to be an option to have a mix of uniforms. Or well, maybe there was and it’s just that I didn’t look closely enough since I admittedly didn’t care enough to spend more than a minute or two at it.

In any case, while Berry’s does come off as pretty normal it’s by no means a boring read as it does a good job with what it targeted at. Namely, you come for cute characters, you get cute characters with cute routes and thankfully light drama during routes themselves… or well, at least that’s what I got during Yuna’s route. Can’t speak for the other routes.

… I can’t help but think my impression of “decent” but not “great” charage’s are more or less the same. There’s not much to talk about either since there’s nothing going for them beyond the characters. Oh well, next up is HHGX.


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