HHG 女神の終焉 – Thoughts

I’m a bit bitter about how the wrapped things up so up goes the bias. Other than that it was a pretty nice read.

HHG Megami no Shuuen is essentially a sequel to HHG. To lightly sum up the story of both games:

In the world of HHG there is such a thing called “gifts”. These gifts are miraculous powers that appear in some people and the people who obtain these gifts are called “geniuses”.

Our protagonist, Kyuushirou who lives in such a world as one of the “geniuses” is disgusted by the discrimination between geniuses and normal people. There’s various reasons for this but most of it roots in what happened during his childhood and that namely, his ability, “Hyper Highspeed” is not something he was born with but something he gained through effort.

His ability allows him to move his thoughts at such speed that the world “stops” in time. Essentially giving him unlimited thinking time to make the best choice in every situation. Thinking to change this world, he one day finds himself with a “demon”, who he named Mephisto. Together they set out on a journey to destroy the world by manipulating women to his desires… or it should have been.

In reality, every route in both HHG and HHGX ends with Kyuushirou falling in love with the heroine. In the normal end, he’ll choose to give up and Mephisto gracefully leaves the story while he and the heroine live “happily ever after”.

Contrary to this, in the true route he proceeds with his plan, still falls in love with the heroine but what awaits him in the future is not success but tragedy as the world, quite literally, ends.

But not all is lost, at the price of losing his memories of this timeline, Mephisto has the gift that allows her to jump back in time and redo things in a new way. With this, combined with Kyuushirou’s Hyper Highspeed, they simply have to try new ways over and over until they succeed.

Unfortunately after doing all routes they come to the conclusion that as long as Kyuushirou exists in this world, the world will end. He has such a fate and it is only solved by his disappearance.

After his disappearance you get a scene with Mephisto turning back and greeting the “reader” about hearing a story, as also similarly said by her during the prologue of the story.

HHG (true route) ends in such a fashion.

HHGX picks things up from there and goes to show that he gets revived… in some sort of parallel world created by a “goddess” for her own pleasure. Manipulating people, causing despair, things like that. Seeking to find Kyuushirou and bring him back to the original world, Mephisto also makes a reappearance in the story. Unfortunately Kyuushirou here has had his memories conveniently manipulated so that he does not remember anything about the events in HHG and doesn’t remember everything about Mephisto.

Unfortunate for the goddess, Kyuushirou so nice to let her play with him for eternity. As you go through every heroine route (with the entire story holding a similar story structure to HHG), you unlock the true route where the showdown with the goddess happens.

Overthrowing the goddess, Kyuushirou and the heroines are finally free from her manipulation and we once again arrive at the same problem as HHG: Kyuushirou must leave the world or else it will end as he has such a fate.

I don’t know what happens if you choose Hikari route but for time being I went for Mephisto’s route which winded with him leaving the world but getting lost from Mephisto on the way back to his original world.

The story ends with Mephisto turning back and greeting Kyuushirou with the same lines as her ending in HHG. If there’s one thing I liked about HHGX, it’s this part with the nice tie together.

Alright now let’s talk about the contents of the story.

What I liked was the characters, while HHG had its share of good characters it also had its share of… well, neutral, normal, not-so-interesting characters and heroines. HHGX felt overall higher in quality for me, although that may be because every heroine no longer comes with two sub-heroines, now they only come with one.

Except all of it comes with a fault. That is, both of the stories are constructed in such a way that you have to be satisfied with the “normal” ending with the heroine that sort of… makes you look away from reality. Meanwhile once you finish the normal ending and go to the true end, the story all of a sudden pulls you back to reality and slaps you in the face.

By this, I mean that while in the normal ending they’ll live happily ever after with no problem, in the true ending they’ll also live happily ever after but we’ll also get to see that things didn’t turn out well after all.

In HHG Mephisto shows Kyuushirou his future with the heroine he chose, namely some tragedy which ultimately results in the world ending.

Meanwhile in HHGX Kyuushirou simply dies, disappears or whichever, flat out not giving the story a good end.

I understand that this exists in almost every VN and especially so when there is a true ending involved but what I didn’t like about the way they made the story is that it gives you a feeling that all of the normal endings were just false positives or “what if?” stories built on some convenient land where none of the story related problems existed.

In the end after completing it, it feels like none of the heroines other than Mephisto actually received a proper “good end”. Kyuushirou just bid farewell and set off on a journey, that’s it and this applies to both HHG and HHGX.

Heck, in HHGX I’m not even sure if Kyuushirou ever even recovered his memories of the heroines in HHG as they were completely unmentioned although referenced multiple times. But to be fair, this makes sense if they wanted HHGX to be something easily accessible even if you never read HHG.

What this makes me feel is that the story let you spend most of your time with the heroines, but in the end chooses to ignore all of them as if they didn’t matter and move on. By this, it makes me think that we’re meant to be satisfied with the aforementioned normal end.

I (probably) am just being bitter about the heroines other than Mephisto pulling the short end of the stick so that’s enough of ranting about this topic.

Best girl

Best girl

Setting aside the unsatisfactory closure for the heroines, the story was otherwise enjoyable. Despite having a fairly gloomy story in a certain sense, the story manages to keep the atmosphere bright with plenty of comedic moments even as serious events unfold.

HHGX also improved on HHG by having much less formulaic events with each heroine telling their own side of the story whereas in HHG it felt like the same events played out three times over with the difference being whose side Kyuushirou was standing with. While interesting in its own right, it became a tad bit tiresome later.

That mentioned, HHGX also surpassed HHG in absurdity as the entire thing went past time traveling and began a big world destroying and recreation storyline, with Mephisto even obtaining powers to do so by the end of the story. Kyuushirou also sort of… transcended being human which, causes his “death” as a result.

That actually made me ponder that after bringing the story so far up the ladder in terms of absurdity, why the hell couldn’t they have just somehow found a solution to Kyuushirou destroying whatever the world he lives in? Honestly felt like something like that was much easier than what they achieved in HHGX.

Oh well, all in all it was a decent read. Up next is December releases starting with ラブレプリカ of which I hold absolutely no expectations of. Not sure what I’ll be seeing but all I can hope is that it won’t be a landmine.


3 thoughts on “HHG 女神の終焉 – Thoughts

  1. Nice review, I played HHGX thinking it was a remake or retelling of HHG, so I never bothered reading the original and I think this may have cut some of the enjoyment when compared to someone who did. Ah, also the link you posted, in the last lines, isn’t Love Replica, but HHG.

    • Whoops, fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.

      And yeah it probably cuts out some enjoyment. There were various jabs at the events in HHG in the story and it’s probably harder to make sense out of Mephisto’s identity without reading HHG. Kyuushirou pretty much never properly recovers all of his memories after all. If you exclude Mephisto however, it’s really no different from a retelling of HHG with new set of heroines.

  2. I actually thought it’s a alternative story instead of a sequel… until various hints were pointed out. The ending reminds you of HHG, just that Kyuushiro finally got back to his original world and he’s standing at the same spot (the beach) in which the first HHG ended.

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