Angel Magister – Thoughts


The original plan was to bother summarizing but after reading through the thing, scratch that I don’t feel like putting time in for a story like this.

The game is pretty decent, as a comedy it had its moments and it didn’t ever become overly serious as it always held humorous tones regardless of the time.

It’s just…

Somehow when playing the game I couldn’t get rid of this sense of… irritation? disappointment? It feels like it could’ve been better but it never goes all the way to the end, it stops halfway and then goes in the wrong direction instead. The story in general felt a bit half assed, it could’ve been better. Thus while it was enjoyable in its own way, it was at the same time fairly irritating to go through at times as well. I couldn’t quite pin point exactly what was wrong with the game but just something made it feel like it could’ve been done better.

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Angel Magister – Chapter 0

While fluffy stories are nice and all, stories like this are necessary at times or else it gets tiresome to read. Finally, finally I get a more refreshing change from all of the fluff I’ve been reading lately. Although there was Ayakashibito, that was a little off the mark of what I wanted. In a sense this isn’t quite right either but… well it’s better than nothing.

Hope the wait for the releases of next month isn’t too long…

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