Sidetracking, Dolphin Divers, Joker

Currently level cap has been raised therefore I’m back to grindan. That said while I did slow down on reading VNs, I continued pushing through anyway. Simultaneously I’ve become fairly busy with other things causing my already small amounts of time to become even smaller. Blogging was more or less pushed out of my schedule for that reason but after finishing Joker I decided that I need to, or no, I’m obligated to write something about it.

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Dolphin Divers – Impressions

Hagure Yuusha is fairly entertaining and I hope it follows the path of where Kaze no Stigma went. Pretty rare to see animes like such so it’s refreshing in its own way. The SAO anime, I’m not exactly interested in but the first episode actually set things up fairly well so I might keep up with it depending on how I feel. The true meat of the anime season would have to Horizon with little doubt though. As noted before, I have a sweet spot for extensive world building and Horizon falls straight in the center of it. The first episode of the second season greatly surpasses my expectations as well. Which further depresses me when thinking that we will likely never see the full series animated and thus no proper conclusion. How unfortunate, how very unfortunate (for me at least). Finally Jinrui wa Suita Shimashita ended up being a surprising hit as well. Wasn’t really paying attention to it until I saw people talking about it. I tried it myself and I’m quite glad I did. By the looks of I won’t be bored in this anime season though I with such a great line up of things to watch, I’ll be fairly sad when everything ends— now what were we talking about?

Oh right this isn’t an anime post but a VN post.

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