id[イド] Rebirth Session – Route A & B

How headache inducing… Will start off with talking about route B (and common route in combination with it).

If you’re wondering why it isn’t route A, it’s because my wonderful detective skills locked me out of route A.

Fine, so I’m not suited for detective work, but hey if you could figure out the criminal in minutes then it wouldn’t be as fun would it?

Summary is going to be incomplete because god damn even I hardly know what’s going on. Also there are too many details to note if you want to try and solve the mystery itself, unfortunately I lack the patience to sit here giving a 10,000 word tl;dr to properly explain all of the circumstances so you’ll have to live with an outline.

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id[イド] Rebirth Session – Impressions

And this time it’s a murder mystery/horror/whatever is in that range.

Well why the hell not?

This summary will (more or less) be based off Shirou’s perspective.. It doesn’t sound exactly fun jumping around narrations when considering how often the story itself changes perspectives.

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