JQV人類救済部~With love from isotope~ – Thoughts

For the length, it sure took me fairly long to finish. Having difficulties balancing my schedule at the moment, tends to lean towards one direction or the other, luckily today I came up with a fair amount of spare time so I managed to finish it one go.

For the most part I believe it meets up the expectations, it’s definitely above average but at the same time it’s not really some sort of beautiful perfect masterpiece of a story. It’s a good story and definitely worth the read regardless.

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JQV人類救済部~With love from isotope~ – Impressions

What? You ask what happened to たいせつなきみのwhyisthisnamesolong? Well, JQV has been getting a fair bit of hype and lots of nice ratings so when I actually decided to return to VNs slowly, (still grindan) I found that this month’s releases aren’t out yet and I’ve already paused Taisetsu for a fair amount of time. I decided that there would be little difference in resuming it later and jumped onto JQV. Yes, it’s just an excuse. Yes, there are now decent odds that I’ll never get back to that game anytime soon. But oh well.

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