Tears to Tiara – Thoughts

Going through the story, fighting again and again and again, I see a question indicating that the final battle is incoming, I spend all of my money on the finest gear that I can obtain and begin my march to the last battleground! Making my way through the minions of the detestable enemy, I finally reach the fearsome final boss! Bring it final boss, let’s see how strong you are!

I send the Arawn at front to kick off the battle, he arrives at the final boss and… whacks it to death on the first skill I performed with him.

But do not worry, for that was only its first form! Lo and behold as it transforms into its fearsome second form!

Setting up my characters again I send Arawn up at front again and upon using the first attack skill… it dies again.

Well that was nice… for the most part anyway.

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Tears to Tiara – Impressions

There’s not only an English patch for this game, there’s also an anime and manga for it. Undoubtedly there’s little point in going into details in the story.

So, originally I was intent to try しあわせ家族部 but after playing it for an hour, there was just something about the idea of having a club where you pretend to be family feeling incredibly repulsive to me. After pondering for a minute, I remembered about Tears to Tiara and decided to go check it out. I might give it a second chance later but I have a hard time imagining myself getting more than one route done.

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