This is by no means a “top eroge list!” or anything along those lines.

I assume preferences to be strictly subjective, however if you’re looking for a random eroge of a certain genre you can consult this page as a reference for things you may have, or may have not read.

Do note that this is only going to cover eroge I’ve read since the start of the blog. There are plenty of great titles I’ve read before the start of the blog but as I lack a review for it I won’t mention them.

If you wish for a full list of every other popular eroge in existence I suggest you consult EGS instead of this list as I’m sure that will be much more helpful. Particularly this page as it covers most games of importance and increases on a monthly basis.

Now in no particular order…


Eroge that have an interesting story, be it mystery, action, magical magic or whatever.


Eroge that have a focus on characters and pretty much just that. Sometimes they have a moderately interesting story to go with it but in the end, if you don’t like the characters then nothing will work out quite as well as it should.


Eroge that not only have a story but also throws at you some fun gameplay. Some eroge of this genre can really be quite nice when the gameplay doesn’t look like some random crap a doujin group threw together over a weekend.

Please note that several eroge are mentioned in multiple sections as a result of them falling into both categories.

Something that may also be useful is:

End of the Year summary (2012)


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