Let’s briefly introduce what this blog will be about along with providing some disclaimers for those who decide to follow my blog for some reason. I feel that it will be more about the latter but bear with me.

As you would guess from the title, this blog will be a place where I dump my random thoughts regarding the visual novels I play and perhaps an occasional post regarding anime and such. Since they are thoughts, there is little regard for spoilers in here therefore you should only read posts after acknowledging at that point. My Japanese is far from anywhere near perfect and I will not guarantee that everything I say is completely accurate. There’s a good chance I’ll miss important details, forget it or decide to flat out omit it for convenience so bear that in mind. Since most of the reviews here are my thoughts, just as each person has a different taste in food, what I find enjoyable may not apply to you so it would be best to just take my words with a grain of salt.

I’ll add in that while I may go into more detail with some summaries, I’m hardly a good storyteller so the summary may come off as awkward, especially after going through a translation of the original lines but, ah well, can’t do much about it. Hopefully at the very least how I feel about the story will get through to the reader.

Then again, if you ask me, summaries can never properly express the feel of the story without actually reading it yourself to experience the story. So the summaries are honestly there mainly for the reader to understand the context. Or else I would come off as someone mindlessly rambling incomprehensible words to a wall.

… Maybe that isn’t very far off the mark regardless but at least I made an effort.

And now for the reason behind the birth of the blog.

There was a person who had a tendency to go ramble on about a good VN for hours on to his friends. While it was quite a waste for all of the hours spent on rambling to go to waste after a single read, eventually a proposal was raised, that is to just make a blog and concentrate the rambling on that instead. It wasn’t such a bad idea as time that would have been spent on rambling could be spent on putting together something resembling a post but not quite so. As a bonus, the said posts would always be there to read and won’t simply become part of the past as just another daily conversation.

The lifetime of the blog will likely be as long as I have interest in bothering to summarize the story. The drawback of this blog is probably that, it sounds fairly, or no. Really questionable to have a blog with just a few readers but well, weighing the losses it’s not that bad I suppose.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice detailed summaries and a good read! I’ve added you to my blogroll, hopefully you’ll get a few more readers since it looks like you put quite the effort into your posts ^^

  2. Great job with the site, added you to my blogroll. I’ll be sure to read some of your stuff when I’m looking for new VNs to try. (in fact I actually stumbled upon your blog while looking for info on Zero Infinity…)

  3. This blog is not bad :D
    May I ask if most, if not all, the visual novels you play are in Japanese?
    I really would like to try out some of these gorgeous looking titles, but unfortunately I don’t read Japanese at such an advanced level yet :P

    • Most of them are as I usually read latest releases as they come out. There’s probably translation projects for some of the older ones but I don’t really keep up to date with information in that area.

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