Prism Ark – Kagura route

Nope, I’m out of here.

On my second playthrough I had a better impression of the game because it went out of its way to reveal the pasts of Hyaweh’s male buddies. Although I question why it was necessary to leave it to the second playthrough but regardless, it was also relatively fun going through all of the battles in “hard” mode I suppose. Though it made the final boss even more of a joke than it was before.

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Prism Ark – Priecea route

Hahaha that was stupid. Ahem, let’s see…

So as I was pondering what I’d play, a certain anime series came to mind. I recall way back at 2007 when the anime began airing, I watched a few episodes. It’s hardly memorable and I’m amazed I ended up recalling it but anyway, the ending of the anime was fairly questionable. However I was reminded that it was a visual novel adaption. Upon looking around about it, I found that it even had some sort of gameplay thrown in there so I thought, why not?

In hopes for a better ending than the anime I started the game.

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